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Get 10+ million free Linkedin contacts and business connections.

September 20, 2011

Get 10+ million free Linkedin contacts and business connections.



Daniel Chege is the Social Media King on Linkedin.

I did it. I broke the 25+ million connections barrier!

I now have access to over 25 million direct connections on LinkedIn and you can do it too. Why bother? You may ask yourself. Well, because by having more connections you get to see more profiles and LinkedIn becomes that much more useful.

The best way to grow your network is to connect with what I like to call “super connectors.” For example, if you link with me then any of my 15,191,300+  2nd degree contacts you aren’t already linked with will become your 3rd degree contacts. Its that easy. So invite me to join you today if you haven’t already. (You’ll need my email address which is

As one of the Top 100 Most Connected people on Linkedin, connecting with Daniel Chege on Linkedin will grow your network faster by linking with a few super connectors, who will guide you in how to make money with all the people in your network.

So what are you waiting for? Go grow your network!

Go to Daniel Chege on Linkedin and access my 25+ Million contacts and business connections for free !

The last one to reach 50 Million Linkedin connections will buy me coffee @ Ted Talks Conference. See you inLas Vegas !

Mr. Daniel Chege


Email –

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