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Read and buy Alyson “Buttrfli” Jones new book “Like a Tree” about a young girl’s shameful child abuse family secret.

August 23, 2011

Read and buy Alyson-Buttrfli-Jones-new-book-Like-a-Tree-at-amazon-dot-com

Alyson Jones has published her new book titled, ” Like a Tree ” about a young girl’s shameful child abuse family secret. This book is a Must read for all parents and kids who find themselves in an abuse situation and feel shameful to talk about it and end up suffering for years with the guilt and turn to alcohol and drugs to find solace.

I encourage you to read and buy it to support other young women to come out of the closet and break the cycle of child abuse. Get it at

You can also get it

on –

We thank you for your support and God bless your kind heart.

Buttrfli Jones is an Author of two more books titled, ” He that finds a wife ” and a children’s poetry book called ” Song of Sally ”


Alyson Jones is from Topeka, Kansas and you can call her directly to get your book Autographed at phone number ( 1-785-408-0808 ) or email her at

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